About JPNB

Company Profile

One of the country's largest and most comprehensive universal banks, the Philippine National Bank and one of Japan's top leasing companies & part of the Mizuho Financial Group, IBJ Leasing Co., Ltd. (IBJL), backstop Japan-PNB Leasing and Finance Corporation (JPNB) in the forefront of financial leasing in the country today.

A company operating under the Finance Company Act, JPNB provides equipment leasing, mortgage loans, installment paper discounting, and other financial products. These financing options are carefully structured to suit the requirements of clients.

Benefiting from the lessons of the Asian financial crisis of 1997, JPNB commenced operations in January 1998 along very prudent credit standards. Today, JPNB takes pride in having a high-quality loan-lease portfolio having one of the lowest delinquency ratio in the industry. The client list includes some of the most respected names in Philippine business.

Being a newcomer to the local leasing scene, JPNB strives to make a difference by offering client-friendly products coupled with world-class service. A customer needs to call only one person, the Account Officer, who would be delighted to attend to his/her every need, 24 hours a day. The company is led by a highly-experienced and well-trained corps of officers and staff. The organization is lean and mean, logging a collective total of over 140 man-years of experience in banking and finance operation. Top-notch service delivery is ensured with the use of some of the most advanced and efficient computer information systems in the trade.

Strong Ownership Base

Established in 1916, the Philippine National Bank is one of the largest banks in the Philippines with a nationwide network of branches. Overseas, PNB has the strongest and widest presence among Philippine banks through its web of branches in key cities worldwide. Its resources totaled over P 280 billion as of 2009.

The bank was not spared from the debilitating effects of the 1997 crisis, but is on the way to recovery, now that the ownership issue has been settled. PNB has a dominant share of the lucrative remittance business coming from the more than eight million overseas Filipinos. In many Filipino households PNB is a byword, what with its close association with the nation's history and for some banking relation the family may have experienced one way or the other.

IBJ Leasing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969 at the initiative of the Industrial Bank of Japan and with the backing of some 20 leading companies in Japan. Today, IBJL is one of the top leasing companies in Japan. It has made a mark as a specialist in arranging large and long-term leases for major corporations in Japan and around the world. Internationally, IBJL is active in cross-border leasing and in local leasing through various subsidiaries and affiliates in the U.S.A., U.K., Thailand, and the Philippines. IBJL is part of Mizuho Financial Group which is the largest bank in the world in terms of the size of the assets.

Corporate Structure & Officers

PresidentEdgardo T. Nallas
Vice PresidentHirofumi Fujii
Asst. Vice PresidentShigeharu Sugimoto
Finance Head and TreasurerMaria Cecilia A. Arenas
Compliance OfficerLeandra E. Abainza
Officer-in- Charge, Business Dev't. Dept.Jonathan C. Pollante
Doc. / Implementation / Admin Department HeadRonnie Jason O. Marquez
Accounting ManagerEditha C. Fuentes
Admin. Support Unit HeadMa. Cristina P. Galang
Information Technology HeadAbigail F. Gan

Corporate Goals


The corporate aspirations of JPNB are a faithful adaptation of the mission-vision statements of the shareholders. After all, it behooves us to toe the line of our parent company according to the tenets of the Joint Venture. Moreover, we find them quite apropos to our own circumstance.

Mission & Vision


We want JPNB to be a leading and respectable player in the Philippine leasing market with a regional presence committed to delivering quality financing products that will clearly benefit customers, create shareholder value, enrich the lives of its employees, and promote the well-being of the public that it serves


To be the most admired leasing-financing company in the country in terms of:

  • Financial Performance – rank No.1 or No.2 in its business based on return on equity and be in the Top 5 in asset size.
  • Innovativeness – in products and services, and in their delivery.
  • Customer Perception – as the preferred financial services provider and as a customer-centered organization with a passion for service excellence.
  • Social Responsibility – the employer of choice, a good corporate citizen, and partner in nation building.
  • Long-term Vision – by developing a competitive edge on a sustained basis by anticipating changes in customer preferences, market trends, and in the manner of doing business.

JPNB: More than just Leasing

Aside from leasing, JPNB provides the following client-friendly financial services:

  • When the situation requires that the client must take the title of ownership over the asset financed, JPNB   Leasing extends Mortgage Loans for different business purposes.
  • Companies that need working capital can also avail of JPNB's Receivables Discounting facility.
  • Dealers of certain equipment who sell on installment can benefit from JPNB's Installment Paper Financing facility.
  • For clients who may have special financial requirements JPNB can tailor financing solutions to best suit their needs. For large-ticket financing, JPNB can arrange Club Deals or Syndications with other finance and leasing companies.

JPNB Equipment Rentals Corp.

In order to provide operating leases to its clientele, JPNB Leasing established JPNB Equipment Rentals Corp., under the RentAll  brand, in 2008. The new company is designed to meet the equipment acquisition requirements of clients who wish to enjoy added advantages of an operating lease.

   JPNB RentAll

GORent - long-term car rental facility.
GORentPlus - car rental facility including maintenance and other services.
e-Rent - operating leases for IT-related Equipment.
EquipRent - operating leases for other types of equipment.

More about Operating Lease Benefits